Astral Horizon

The Mission Begins

Food Fight

The Adventure Begins

The players prepare to leave home. Each of them is traveling on the mining mission for different reasons, whether it be for the money, the desire to help their planet, or to temporarily escape a bad past. That all becomes irrelevant for a moment as they board the transport vessel and see the circle of green on the barren planet making it obvious what really is at stake. They approach the mammoth mining vessel its long narrow body surrounded by giant spherical containment pods to hold the trillions of gallons of water necessary to help finish the terraforming.

All aboard and making the ship feel more like home the captain comes over the loud speaker to go over the safety protocols. It feels a little harrowing to hear that 50 souls were lost the last mission. He also mentions that due to the age of the ship they are having some minor technical difficulties though he feels as if no one should be worried. He ends his speech with a note that they will be entering hyperspace in 5 minutes.

The ship lurches forward throwing everyone around. Only one person is seriously injured. The captain comes back on informing everyone that the ship is stuck using maximum acceleration as they enter hyperspace and they will be working on it in 2 days after this hyper space jump is finished.

Two weeks have no passed with this hyperspace problem. After the first handful of time they stopped bothering to warn the crew that it was happening and everyone was given magnetic boots to “compensate” for the problem. The attempts at jumps vary between 30 minutes apart to several hours. With no warning and little they can do about it the crew tensions begin to rise. There are whispers or returning, and worse failure.

To compensate a little all furniture was quickly set at by an army of welders welding everything that could be to the ground. This primarily consisted of the dining hall. Large enough to serve 20 thousand at a time it was a massive project and all of it was done in rows.

Kajsa Rask was returning with quite a prize. She had flirted with the right server boy this time and had earned herself an entire pie. While her and Cameron Riley were returning to their seats they were harassed by a large bully. Raze He insisted that they move out of his way so he could return to his seat. As he pushed Kajsa the ship entered hyper space causing the pie to go flying. Squarely hitting Tom Harslock, third in command of security, squarely in the face. This led to a large fight and sheer panic on the dining area. Several other members entered the fray.

All are delivered to the captains quarters. The three members of our team that got involved in the fight are sentenced to cleaning duty and the other sentenced to guard. While Raze is sentenced to death due to his causation of the fight leading to 3 unintentional deaths. And that is where we leave our party.


Drevin Drevin

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